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Default Re: Bert Sugar's top 10 ATG

Even though I disagree with the list, the documentary was great. Although a bit factually inaccurate if I recall as burt makes no reference to Dempsey and Johnson avoiding black contenders. I'm sure he called Brennan, Fulton and Willard the best 3 HW fighters when Dempsey destroyed them.

He goes to great lengths explaining how Johnson chased burns all over the country yet skips the fact Langford did the same to him.

It was a great watch and probably the show that inspired me to delve into boxing history "how can all these be greater than Lewis" I remember asking.

Then I remember coming on here asking why some revered dempsey like a god and others thought he was smoke and mirrors. great documentary though.

Seeing him justify to Larry why he's bottom was classic. I'd have put him number 1 had he been sat there.
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