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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Just watched Mullings v Castillejo.

I had it a dead even draw. Very s****py fight and one that I think is the true definition of a home-town decision.

By that I mean even when Javier clearly lost an exchange he'd raise his hands and the crowd would go wild, he spent an awful lot of time showboating and the fans loved it. That crowd noise was probably the edge that convinced the judges on some of the closer rounds.

I really found it very difficult to split thejm a lot of the time, round 4 seemed clear for castillejo but the rest could probably have been swing rounds. Very tit fpr tat fight with Castillejo showboating on the outside and Mullings roughing him up on the inside. Both had incredibly slow hands this night as well.

I can see it going Castillejo's way but equally can see it going Mullings way.

Anyways I had it a draw, anyone else seen this? If not I wouldn't really recommend it
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