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Default Re: Anyone here met Ali?

Originally Posted by RockysSplitNose View Post
I met him on the same tour when he came to Nottingham - it was April fools day an I thought my school mates were winding me up about him being in Nottingham when I confirmed it I rang my dad and he told me to skip school at dinner and head straight to Nottingham and my dad met me there - had a little play fight with Ali he was great - he was my dads hero and my dad actually wept when he hugged him - I lost my dad to a Parkinson's related illness a couple of years back - always wondered whether dad knew at that time that he had it and didn't tell us? One of my favourite boxing memories and one of my favourite dad memories too - he didn't give a damn he just said forget school for today just hop on a bus to notts and I'll see you there!! Haha my dad NEVER let me bunk off school EVER thanks dad
What a great day you and your father had there.
Ali has that effect on people.
I have been in his company in large crowds and i tell you the reaction is extraordinary.

One particular memory springs to mind from when Bruno was fighting Witherspoon and the training camp was at the Basildon festival hall in the UK.
Ali was not in the best of health that day and was sitting at a table signing autographs on pretyped paper.
When the public training session was over we all went outside where there was approx 3,000 people along with the TV crews.

Witherspoon came out first and everyone flocked round.....then Ali appeared.
It's times like this when you have to be there to appreciate just how popular the man is.
I remember a woman in the crowd with a small child and Ali made his way over and picked the little girl up and kissed her and the mother burst into tears.
Hand on heart, you could have had the Queen of England there and she wouldn't have got a look in.

The man has his faults as we all do but is there honestly a more beloved Human being on the planet ?
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