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Default Re: Denis Lebedev vs. Eddie Chambers

Originally Posted by Honor View Post
Chambers shouldn't get a title shot right away, hes still unproven in the division... I like Eddie but Lebedev is going to beat him within 10. He should fight a guy like Drodz or Herelius to test the waters, and not fight the best fighter(imo) in the division right away. Wrong move imo.

First of all, Eddie was a top 5 heavyweight and coming off a robbery loss in what should have been an acquisition of the IBF North American title (which itself was on the heels of an IBF HW title eliminator victory over Rossy...meaning Eddie should've been damn close to a rematch with Wladimir Klitschko). He doesn't need to prove anything at Cruiser.

Second, Lebedev is underrated by some and in many fans' view (including mine) hasn't ever been truly bested in the ring - but he isn't on a much higher plane than Drozd. There is a bigger gap between Drozd and Herelius than between Lebedev and Drozd.

Third, you're critical of a guy immediately going after the #1 in a division - especially where it's responding to a direct call-out?
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