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Default Re: Bert Sugar's top 10 ATG

Originally Posted by iceferg View Post
None of these were really impressive wins. Holyfield was shot and started getting beaten by everyone, Byrd beat Vitali and deserves a lot of cred fot it but in all honesty he was getting well beaten at the time and won because of an injury.
Byrd's win over Tua is good yes, he deserve credit for that but it was close and could be compared to young's win over foreman (not saying there is that gulf in class just that styles make fights.

I just think the way Byrd was destroyed by Wlad and the way Tua stuck in with Lewis and also the way Byrd was destroyed by Icke but the way Tua stuck in there gives him a slight edge. It's very close though and I understand other opinions.
Byrd was destroyed by Wlad once, when he was past his best and Wlad was firmly in his prime. The first fight wasn't particularly competitive either, but Byrd showed a good account of himself. Both times, though, I think the fact that he lost in one sided fashion speaks more for how good Wlad is than anything else.

Yes, Ike beat him, after struggling to hit him for a number of rounds. Byrd got sloppy and overconfident, thought he could fight off the ropes, and took a big one on the chin from a brute puncher who had nearly forty more pounds of muscle on him. An undefeated fighter by the way.

Tua was able to survive with Lewis (if that's what you mean be sticking in) because he had an insane chin. Had nothing to do with his ability. Same went for why he lasted with Ike. Byrd was required to constantly move his head against a faster handed man in Wlad who was also a brutal puncher and failed. No knock on him.

Ultimately of course, Byrd proved his superiority to Tua head to head when they got in the ring with each other.
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