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Default Re: Denis Lebedev vs. Eddie Chambers

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
Second, Lebedev is underrated by some and in many fans' view (including mine) hasn't ever been truly bested in the ring - but he isn't on a much higher plane than Drozd. There is a bigger gap between Drozd and Herelius than between Lebedev and Drozd.

Those are just some fighters I blurted out who are just solid contenders. Lebedev is a shark compared to Drodz being a barracuda. I think its a significant gap.

Third, you're critical of a guy immediately going after the #1 in a division - especially where it's responding to a direct call-out?
Not trying to be critical, but just saying that Chambers shouldn't be jumping the gun that quick. And Denis never calls out fighters, its Hruniov that does all the calling out.

I know your a huge Chambers fan, and thats cool...I like him too, but Lebedev is a tough dude with power and chin to KO anyone in this division. Dangerous first fight, tis all i'm sayin
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