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Default Re: Creatine for boxers. Thoughts?

Originally Posted by withoutwire View Post
I don't know if it's an education thing, because boxing has always been kind of a lower socioeconomic sport, but 90% of posters on this site pull things out of their **** and disregard anything scientific because it's not old school, or they don't understand it.

The forums are far more scientific, and well-informed, as most forums are. Unfortunately, there's next to no boxing discussion there. As a boxing fan, I'm always magnetically drawn back here, and routinely disappointed by the litany of **** posts.
I've seen some fantastic roundtables on and there was one in particular on Facebook that included Eric Helms & Alan Aragon (they're releasing some peer-reviewed material together soon, actually). Eric Helms' ability to cite literature from the top of his head, especially when it comes to protein is just ridiculous.
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