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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Marvin Hagler - Roberto Duran Had it 9-5-1 Hagler. I never see it being real close, yet it might be my favorite Duran effort (Dejesus II being up there). I just think it's a trememdous effort. A small guy with not much mobility anymore against the beastly Hagler. He definitely got Hagler's respect early with some right hands and it kept him from being overrun for 15 rounds. A very interesting point I picked up this viewing was that Hagler had better success from the orthodox stance. Maybe it influenced his disastrous decision to come out orthodox against Leonard. And Leonard surely picked up much from Duran's effort.

Juan Martin Coggi W12 Jose Luis Ramirez - Had 9-3 for Coggi and was probably being kind to Ramirez. Ramirez always intrigues me because I like his style but it seems as if the video is slowed down. He may have benefitted from an old school trainer smacking him around in the corner. Definitely a big puncher but maybe slightly overrated. He needed a guy to be there to be hit. I hold Mancini's near shutout against Ramirez in high regard as it seems he would've been made for Ramirez. Coggi threw a lot of "junk" at Ramirez but Ramirez just didn't seem able to pull the trigger much at this point in his career.
A funny sidenote (in a demented sort of way), as I read Sal talking about Gutteridge a few posts up. The announcer was Ian Darke, who I find useful on Barclay's Premier League telecasts. He was talking about Coggi's countrymen Monzon. He indicated Monzon was a guest of the President (in prison at the time I gathered). "For ejecting his wife from his house. Unfortunately it was from a fourth story window".

Donald Curry TKO2 James Green - Green appeared overmatched here but seemed to be accidentally thumbed in the 2nd round. It was some Texas justice (Curry's home state) from the ref. Green stoppd fighting for a moment and the ref just stopped the fight. Probably letter of the law stuff, but he could have at least checked the eye and asked Green if he wanted to continue.

Edwin Rosario TKO2 Livingstone Bramble - Bramble also complained of a thumb, but I think he just got bombed out. The peek a boo style didn't fly against the heavy handed Rosario. This fight in particular led me to believe Rosario had a shot against Chavez. Chavez's technical skill and underrated defense were key differences though.

Marvin Hagler TKO3 Tommy Hearns - Impossible to overrate this fight. Tommy made some tactical mistakes I think, but in reality they probably just delayed the inevitable. A more controlled effort with plenty of jabs and straight righthands would have gotten him into the championship rounds with a lead I believe. But Tommy's legs were shaky early in this one and I don't think he would have seen the final bell. Tommy got very wide with his punches in this fight.
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