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Default Re: Denis Lebedev vs. Eddie Chambers

Originally Posted by From Russia View Post
Haha, there are many people on russian forums who are "Team Chambers". A lot of fans started to hate Denis after his fight with RJJ, but of course this nasty KO wasnt his fault, he was just doing his job...
It's really strange how much heat he takes for beating Toney & Jones.

You'd think he would have enough residual positive sentiment pent up from the Huck decision to balance it out.

Besides, where is the ire directed towards Damon Reed and Bobby Gunn? Pawel Glazewski and Max Alexander? They fought the same badly denigrated version of the venerable tandem of legends. Granted, unlike Lebedev none were able to TCOB against them (although Gunn and Glazewski came damn close...and many feel Glazewski was screwed, although he left it up to the judges where the White Swan didn't...) but they're every bit as guilty of trying to sneak an ATG onto their resume by cherry-picking their dried up husks aeons past the sell-by date.

Furthermore, if it's Hruniov calling the shots Lebedev can't be personally blamed for whomever gets put in front of him. His job once the pins are set up is to knock them down (or out) - and he does.
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