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Default Re: Sam Langford vs Marvin Hagler

"The only reason why Sam lasted the distance is that Johnson eased off of him after dropping him early."

I'm not sure about a visit to the hospital by Langford but don't believe the above statement to be true. By all accounts there was no easing off by Johnson, who did everything he could to put Sam away. Johnson lost a wager with Sam for failing to knock him out. He'd bet Sam that he wouldn't go the distance. Another excerpt:

"At the end of the fight, Johnson appeared disappointed. Hehad failed to prevent Sam from going the distance. There was no doubt that Johnson had won the fight. He still looked relatively unmarked, while Sam’s face was very badly bruised and puffed. Johnson was tired, and Sam was clearly exhausted.
Sam took some solace in the fact that Johnson now owed him $500, and he was wildly cheered by the crowd for the courage he exhibited. Wrote The Globe,
There is one thing sure: that when Langford left the
ring the spectators did not call him the names that they
did when Sandy (Ferguson) fought Johnson at the same
There was no disagreement over whether Johnson had
won the fight. Various reports made it clear the affair had
been one sided, but there was much admiration expressed for
the smaller man’s fighting spirit."
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