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Default Re: Sam Langford vs Marvin Hagler

This is the quote from Fleischers book 50 years at ringside:

Dad Phillips my father in law who knowledge I match with anyone was at that fight and was in the room when I razzed Johnson. He agreed with Johnsons version of the fight.."Jj decisively defeated Langford. He was the complete master of the situation. Jack so far outclassed Langford that for a time, until he eased up on his onslaughts, the fight was one sided. Langford was dropped twice for counts of nine and he would have been out the first time if the ref had not slowed up the count. At the end of the fight Sam had to be taken to the hospital. As for Sam dropping Jack thats absurd why he could not land on jack."

A few days later Nat cornered Joe Woodman who handled Sam for that fight and was spreading the rumor that Sam had actually knocked down and gave Johnson a tough fight. Nat demand the low down of what happened that day. All woodman would say is .."Its all true Nat"

Several weeks later Woodman came to Fleischers office with a new hwt prospect asking is Nat would run a story and picture of the lad. Nat said sure but on one condition...."you tell me what actually happened during the langford johnson bout since Dad states your all wrong about it"

Joe chuckled..."You got me Nat. Langford never dropped Johnson but I was anxious to make another bout with Jack so I invented the story to goat Johnson into the bout."
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