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Default Re: Creatine for boxers. Thoughts?

Nothing wrong with posting studys for the right reason but everyone just wants the 1 up here, its sad really because you all think you know it all but the fact is after 10 sec pc is done for the round and easily over 90% of the ATP used for the round and the remainder of the bout will be supplied by the glyclotic and aerobic systems this is basic gym instructor **** and if you dont know that then your attempts at being gym guru's are laughable. Its basic ymca gym instructor bull**** lol

Hammer down the creatine stop running for glyclotic or vo2max and you will see faster richer results im sure.

Like i said i never said it did nothing its just the cp system adds so very little to the total atp created during boxing and the loading does very little to boost cp stores so for me a boxer wouldnt want to spend money onit as much as say a shot putter would. Just eat balanced meals and do hiit which is good for vo2max and glyclotic and long distance for vo2max specific.

Everyone is acting like cp will be the primary energy system used during boxing which is total **** anyone who wants to believe that then think what you want but i know its wrong and thats what i said in my initial post so post studys and claim youve proved what i said was wrong but your only posting falecy's

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