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Default Re: Sam Langford vs Marvin Hagler

Yes, I'm familiar with that quote from Fleischer's book and include this information in the Langford book. By all accounts he gave Langford a terrific beating that day. The only comment that I was taking exception to was the one about Johnson easing up on him to let him stay the limit. The newspaper accounts and the story about the wager between the two that I've read don't support that. And, I never heard anything about Johnson saying anything like that.

I know that many believe Johnson would have defeated Sam again had they fought a second time, and even I have to believe Sam would have had a difficult time beating him after he'd matured physically and grown into a legitimate light-heavyweight but as far as I'm concerned it's a black mark against Johnson that he chose to avoid the true # 1 contender for a number of years during his title reign.
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