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Default Re: Johnson Ketchel knockdown set up fake

Originally Posted by KuRuPT View Post
What video of the phantom punch looks devasting? No slow mo replay of the punch I've ever seen has it look any kinda devastating... If anything it solidifies my belief that liston wasn't that badly hurt if at all
Maybe not devastating, but it looks really solid. Ali was preparing to throw the short right hand, and then he saw Liston was throwing the jab. So Ali put the hands down and leaned backwards to avoid the punch. Then, when Liston missed the punch, and his whole weight was moving in Ali's direction, Ali countered him with a good right hand to the jaw. It wasnt a strong punch, but it was perfect timed and aimed in the Liston's jaw. But I agree that Liston rolling on the back, after taking a knee, was very suspicious. However when he got up, his legs were gone.
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