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Default Re: Johnson Ketchel knockdown set up fake

Originally Posted by Mendoza View Post
Johnson hit Ketchel plenty prior to the KO. If there was some sort of agreement between the two, I find it hard to believe that Ketchel would agree to a busted up face to enhance movie ticket sales. No newspaper I read questioned the knockdown. The film might be missing frames.

Johnson went down from a punch, rolled over, had to brace himself to get up, and lost his balance and fell forward when he delivered the finishing blow.

Then after that, he rested on the ropes when Ketchel was counted out. Fighters who are buzzed tend to lose balance and rest on the ropes as Johnson did. Johnson balance on film is rather good, so him falling forward again is a telltale sign he was in fact still buzzed from the punch that Ketchel landed. Johnson's fall looks natural to me, and that is hard to fake.

My take is Johnson was caught, a little hurt, embarrassed, and went for a finish before Ketchel could land another wild blow. The story of the fix came after Ketchel’s death. If this was a fix or pre-arranged match, it becomes a slippery slope for Johnson. What other fights of his were “ fixed “?
Thank you for saving me the time writing this. I agree with you.
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