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Default Re: **** Kirks ESB Championships 2013 **** New year, new members welcome!

Originally Posted by Tackleberry View Post
I get more uncertain the more I watch Salido. The thing is he's so inconsistant. It's like the harder opponents he's up against, the better he does. His stamina is freakish, he can stick to opponents for 12 round and throw mean combinations endlessly.

Garcia has opened as the betting favorite against Salido, as most of his opponents has..

I dont know. I think I'll end up betting for Garcia aswell. But if anyone can "upset" the odds, it's Salido.
Originally Posted by kirk View Post
I def do. If this was a few years ago Im not sure, I might favor Salido there. But I think that some wear n tear on Salido is getting slightly overlooked, and I think it will creep up when in against Garcia. I think Garcias sharp, accurate shots, when they find their home, will be big trouble at this point for Salido.

As a Salido fan, I def see the other side of the coin though, the 'if Salido can make it a war' side, and trust me I really, really hope that comes true, and Salido can pull it off. But I have to be honest and say I dont think he does.
I'm quite surprised Garcia has opened up as favourite!

I think salido is still at the top of his game and I think he's been steadily improving ever since the Marquez fight. I can't see Garcia staying away for 12 rounds. I know gamboa managed it but I think that says more about how good gamboa is then it does about salido's limitations.

Looking forward to it, that's for sure!
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