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Default Re: **** Kirks ESB Championships 2013 **** New year, new members welcome!

Originally Posted by des3995 View Post
I utterly new to this. What do I need to do to become champ, or are we all winners simply by participating up in here?

Whom can I challenge and who can't I?

BTW.......Silvestre UD f that's needed.
Well man the league kinda has different aspects to it

- League Champion : To become the yearly league champion, is basic. You just have to pick better then everyone else from the fights listed on our monthly schedule that gets posted with the records n rankings. If at the end of the year, you have been the best, you get crowned league champion.

- Peoples Champion : To become the Peoples champ, you have to be the first to challenge our current champ Tackleberry on one of his picks you think are wrong (picking fighter B if hes picking fighter A, ect) The peoples champ page can be found a page or so back but I can bump it. So.... he puts up his picks for the weekend, if you think he picked a fighter to win that you think will lose, then you can challenge him on that pick.

- W.B.K Champion : The one you quoted. Current Champ is Beastsideboxing. To become the Champion in that you either have to be picked by the champ as his voluntary defense, or earn your shot by getting the most points earned by correct picking during the 12 rounds of the current fight. (So, whoever picks the rounds listed there the best, will earn the next shot)


- Tournaments : Our next tournament will begin here in a bit, thats pretty simple, just put in your picks and you either advance or get eliminated against who you are matched with based on who gets a fight wrong first. Its a single elimination tourny.

- Wagers : Everyone starts off with $25 (no... not real lol) and you can use that to lay down wagers against others on certain fights. That will give you a head to head record against others, and whoever is the best at this will recieve recognition at the end of the year.

Might seem like a lot but it all just goes back to the monthly schedule thats posted and picking the correct winners on there. Once you do that, and start getting the flow of the league and everything, youll see when guys like Tackle (current peoples champ) makes his picks n can challenge him, or place high enough to earn a shot at the WBK, accept someones wager on a fight, ect, ect. So it starts to get smoother once youre around a bit.

Hope that helps
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