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Default Re: Could Monzon really not train and have that Stamina, Myth?

Originally Posted by El Bujia View Post
My brother drinks like a fish and smokes like a chimney but he's in better shape than anyone I know. That was true when he was in the Army as well, in comparison to some of the other soldiers who dedicated their lives to personal fitness. Some people just have that gift. I'm very physically capable, I just don't like to do the physical work, and I drink and smoke just as much, if not more, than my brother. I just prefer to lounge. When needed, though, I'm a beast. I always had the best marks during my physical tests at bootcamp as well.
Envious of such. Never had great innate stamina. Always was tougher of me to get into shape. And plenty of other people seemed to have respectable natural stamina without having done **** (My brother).
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