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Default Re: Nigel Benn's Best Performance

Originally Posted by brown-bomber View Post
I see that the performance against Mcclellan is way. Does anyone not feel that the outcome of this fight would've been different had Mcclellan not get the bloodcot to his brain, or whatever preceded that?

He seemed off for rounds, he couldn't put his gum shield on properly. He was never knocked down, only went down voluntarily. In fact, he got up as soon as he was counted out.

Do we not see that the Mcclellan we saw that fight, wasn't the real him, well not for the majority of the fight. So beating up this lesser version of the man, isn't as much of an accomplishment?
Or is it a case of crediting Benn for the heart and determination he put in to the fight, just by getting back in the ring after round 1?

Gerald had a devastating 1st round, but he also hurt Benn numerous times during the fight, even as late as the 8th round i believe. So the version we saw of him was not a lesser version, just not able to take Benns punches without suffering that dreadful outcome.
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