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Default Re: Andre Dirrell is Vastly Overrated

Originally Posted by Earl-hickey View Post
Roy Jones had some mental toughness, and major backing by HBO

Dirrell has no mental toughness and fights on like ESPN classic or some ****

Jones won his first word title at 24

Dirrell will be 30 this year, and I can't see him getting a shot within 12 months at least.

Reflex fighters don't last long past 30....
I agree on those things.

I do think the main problem for Dirrell is this:

This has been shown in tennis. Where some players will prefer to lose in an earlier round if they are bound to meet someone they know will beat them in a later round. They much prefer "you are really a better player and will win next time for sure..." after losing intentionally... than "oh, you just weren't good enough" after meeting the person they fear.

He thinks he will lose to Ward, and that would seriuously hurt his self-image. So he would rather find a way to avoid that - even if it entails losing to another fighter or going to ask Dr. Shaw for a get-away paper.

He needs therapy to get over his Ward issues.. Until he does that he will not want to fight almost because each fight he wins will rank him higher and push him towards having to face Ward. So either he wont fight, or he will fight lowly ranked opponents in an effort to not get ranked so highly. If he starts to get highly ranked... I expect him to either lose a fight or get injured.

He needs therapy.
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