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Default Re: Bruce Wood**** v David Haye

Originally Posted by thistle1 View Post
I would say Farr over Wood**** as well, in durability and boxing. But Wood**** hit harder and was a good basic upright boxer too. These two are arguably Britain's best HWs.

people can and will argue for Cooper or Bugner or Wells or ****ell (a L-HW), or in this case Peterson, or Lewis, who I think Canada deserves credit for and these Lewis's breed are no longer Hws anyway but S-HW.

But Haye would have a hard time with some of these boys, quite simply they fought in a more competetive era. Someone also made the mistake of refering to 'domestic' level. There was no such thing back then, they were world classed or they weren't and the British title was second only to the world title.

completely different world of boxing then, completely!
Terrific post.
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