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Default Re: Andre Dirrell is Vastly Overrated

Originally Posted by bjl12 View Post
He's an average fighter. That is all. When up against real competition he shows his true colors and gets scared. It's perfectly fine to be scared, but boxing isn't the right sport for a scared fighter.

Despite Froch's girly lowblows and cheapshots on Dirrell, I still gave the fight to Froch as he was visibly trying to fight and Dirrell was content on landing a jab and literally running or holding. Dirrell has zero pop in his punches and a very questionable chin with a very obvious ****-poor heart. It's hard to support him, honestly.

For the fanboys out there: Ward kills Dirrell
YDKSAB He is far from average he will school and beat the **** out of average fighters!!! His problem is mental thats why he is not on top level where he should be with his kind of talent but he could be mental midget.
He is much more talented than Froch, read talented not better fighter, but Froch is mentally strong and does more with his talent than Andre is doing with his and only blind hater can not see how talented he is, but in boxing talent alone means ****.
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