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Default Re: Heavyweight boxing champion still the baddest man on the planet or not?

Originally Posted by Johnstown View Post
somewhat true but, having done some mma working out with fair college wrestlers (guys who were better wrestlers than I was a boxer) i have to say that many wrestler can't do mma because they end up being too scarred of start moving you hands and they freeze. In fact many wrestlers are like that the first few times they do full strikes with takedowns. It is really just a question of whether or not they can get past that hurdle and learn enough basic defense to be able to get inside without being hit clean. That usually takes a few months. So...I will say that a wrestling base with a few months of boxing will beat a boxing base with a few months of wrestling. But a pure boxer vs pure wrestler is a bit less certain.
Wrestlers are used to "getting inside" on other wrestlers, who are actually trying to prevent it. It's nothing for a decent caliber (let alone champion) wrestler to take down someone standing upright or in a conventional boxing stance.
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