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Default Re: Johnson Ketchel knockdown set up fake

Originally Posted by Seamus View Post
For what it's worth, the film ain't none to good.

Another Gunboat assertion always got my attention, tho none around here would remark about it when I brought it up. Old Gunboat contended that Jeffries considered his match with Johnson to be a fix in his favor from the outset, even after it was moved from SF to Reno. It was only two days before the match that Johnson informed Jim that outside of California, where they wouldn't have a Negro winning the title, the fight would be on the up and up... Jeffries summarily turned a white shade of pale.

Was Gunboat just full of **** or were these tales true?
The film is not great, but Johnson fell from a punch, rolled over, had to brace himself to get up, lost his balance once he was up, then grabbed the ropes after Ketchel was down.

No paper says it was a phantom punch. McVey doesn't like newspapers that ruin his agenda. Nothing new here.
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