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Default Re: Johnson Ketchel knockdown set up fake

My assertion throughout boxing history is if a fight is to be faked, I want proof of it.

The kd Ketchel scored doesn't look the worst but I''ve seen kd punches with less power land less cleanly then that (a valero one comes to mind, looks like he barely clippe dthe guy and he nigh sparked him out).

Like someone said, the phantom punch was rumoured to be fake for years but once that HD version was put up you can see quite clearly it lands solidly as Liston leans in.

I imagine the same would be here and that's why Johnson was so quick to knock him out, embarassment or anger I dunno but he was taking it easy and the mw saw his chance.

I'm not overly keen on these debates because it usually comes down to opinion v opinion, so like I say, if ya can prove it's fake then go for it, otherwise we have to maintain it's legit.
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