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Default Re: Heavyweight boxing champion still the baddest man on the planet or not?

Originally Posted by AnthonyJ74 View Post
Watching Mercer get subbed like he did against Kimbo was embarrassing. I mean, if Mercer had lost to a seasoned MMA guy that would be one thing, but getting taken out by a hyped-up internet warrior like Kimbo? Come on! I don't care how old Ray was; he was an olympic gold medalist with an extensive amateur career as well as a pretty impressive professional record. That was embarrassing to boxing!
If a top tennis player like Jokovich were to match himself against an average player in the Pro Squash Tour and get beaten without winning a single game then would that speak badly against his tennis prowess? I doubt it would, and those two sports at least have superficial similarities. Punching someone in the face and twisting their limbs till they squeal don't have much in common except for trying to cause the other person damage and pain. Kimbo, whatever you may think of him, has trained in MMA for a longer period of time than Mercer, and has more experience of applying (and I assume defending against) jointlocks. Mercer's extensive amateur career and impressive professional record don't have any bearing on that.
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