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Default Re: Bruce Wood**** v David Haye

Originally Posted by young griffo View Post
Granted he has impressive physical tools and his Cruiser efforts were very good but at Heavyweight he's done next to nothing, certainly not enough to favour him over a big, powerful legit heavyweight like Bruno (whose losses to Smith, Witherspoon and Tyson 1 are arguably as impressive as wins over Harrison and Chisora ever were).

Would Haye be able to beat Lennox Lewis for 7 rounds, last 12 with Joe Frazier or even find a way to beat a 6'7 Heavyweight with decent skills like Akinwande?

I just don't see it based on what he's produced thus far.
Styles make fights and I seriously doubt he'd last twelve with Frazier nor be ahead after 7 against Lewis.

I do however think he could outlast Bruno until he tired and finish him off with a come from behind knockout.

Akinwande is an interesting one, I always felt he had more to offer than he showed. and Certainly more than he showed against Lewis.

It mainly comes down to the eye test with this for me. I watch Haye, I watch those you listed and I think Haye can do it based on his performances in the victories I mentioned.
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