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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by Bummy Davis View Post
Seamus you are usually a good poster but this is a ridiculous statement, i know you love Big guys but lets not overlook greatness or power...If Walcott landed the Marciano or Charles left hook on Wladmirs or Lennox's chin clean and square they would surely fall, Vlad did get up from a fall but Lennox never did to beat the count...I do take size into account but a clean well timed pin-point power punch can put anyone down and muscled as the big guys may be Rahman,McCall, Brewster,Sanders,Purity I am not sure they had the one shot power of JJW or even the 188lb Marciano and I am sure that both big men if tagged clean would go down by the Lil old guys...This tread has no balance reminds me of the last USA balance or truth
Sure, if they got caught absolutely perfectly square on the chin and didn't brace themselves and dipped slightly to bring them down a peg then their lights might be put out. Is any of that likely though? Tua caught Lennox several times throughout their fight, with no real effect, and he only really caught him by leaping forward. Morrison didn't land anything of consequence. Both of those guys had significantly more one punch power in their lefts than JJ or Charles. It's overhand rights that tend to do in taller fighters, not hooks. And the overhand is a punch that tends to increase in power relative to size, because it requires you to throw your whole bodyweight into it. Brewster and Rahman were both huge men who did just that. McCall to a slightly lesser degree as well. As for Sanders, he was a similarly huge man with incredible handspeed for a man his size, and proven power against the likes of Vit Klit whom he badly rocked and (unofficially) knocked down. He was crude as a cucumber, but I doubt you'd find anyone criticizing his lack of power.
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