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Default Re: Top Ten Heaviest Heavyweight Punchers

Originally Posted by Nightcrawler View Post
agree with just about every word burt. just one comment: i omitted him because the title said "heaviest" puncher. i think of like a david tua (who i may include) or a earnie shavers as heavy punchers whose single punches are brutal thuds

dempsey was exactly as you described from what i've seen: speed, power and feracity. he was a panther, not a freight train. 10 best punchers? i'm there. but heaviest, i was just reluctant to put him there based on the definition
Well understood N !Maybe the thread should ask for "the most Thudding
ten punchers...Louis for example had not as much "heft" in a single blow, but the speed of his one punch COMBINED with unparreleld leverage has as much force as a 25 pound heavier Foreman's heavier but slower one shot
I believe...And just watch the two punch combo that Dempsey landed in the second round against the powerful Luis Angel Firpo..The one two punch was so fast and ferocious thrown by Dempsey, that even in slow motion
it is difficult to see those destructive punches.Check it out N...
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