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Default Re: Top Ten Heaviest Heavyweight Punchers

Originally Posted by burt bienstock View Post
Any list of 10 top heavyweight punchers which omits Jack Dempsey by design is not a complete list. The man had abour 25 first round ko's and was the most destructive hitter til Joe Louis,koing 50 of 80 recorded bouts...The one left-hook Dempsey dropped the previously unfloored Jess Willard in the first round was a destructive punch considering
Dempsey had to aim "up" to even reach Willards chin, was some piece of work...
The three greatest heavyweights that combined speed AND punching power were in no order Dempsey, Louis and the young Mike Tyson...Yes the "bigger" boys have more weight behind ONE shot, but the Dempseys, Louis's, Tyson's faster blows get there FIRST. Dempsey belongs in any thoughtful list of the best heavyweight list, without doubt. Speed KILLS as Ray Robinson so often displayed...
I'm not sure what the stats are supposed to prove. Shannon Briggs has 31 first round KOs and 45 KOs in 52 wins. Has stopped some pretty tough opponents as well. Does he warrant a place in a top ten heaviest punchers list?

If we're talking one punch knockout power, I'd wager every single fighter on my list was a heavier puncher than Dempsey ever was, along with a fair few others. Dempsey's main attributes were speed and brute ferocity, not massive concussive knock out power. He was (and I hate to bring that old bugbear of size up here) simply too small to compete with the bigger boys in that category.

Top ten angry blokes I wouldn't want trying to punch my face in? Sure, he's right up there.
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