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Default Re: If you were a boxer.. how would you rather your career go...

The first. If I'm going to decdacate my life to being a top notch athlete. I'd like to get paid for it. Espicialy if I'm in a sport where someone is trying to take my head off. I'm going to assume that as time goes by there are going to be better boxers, going down in the rankings would not surprise me. I'd still be top 70 anyways. That's hall of fame status. It's not like I'm going to be forgoten. I'd still have my fame which should keep me in demand for things like doing comeantary and acting roles. If I was smart I'd still have my money long after my fighting days were over.

I'm trying to think of two comparsions for each role. Choice 1. is hard to come by. Choice 2. Charley Burley comes to mind. Choice 1. I think Jack Dempsy might be the best choice. I don't know what kind of post boxing life Burley had, but Dempsy seemed to be very sescfull after boxing.
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