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Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post
What on earth are you talking about? Research shows that stretching doesn't prevent injury. Muscle tears generally occur within a 20% range of resting length. Athletes use dynamic stretching during their warm up i.e. swinging their arms and legs through the range of motion. That's for performance and does nothing to prevent injury. Holding stretches (static stretching) decreases power, coordination and most likely increases injury risk as the cytoskeleton is stretched instead of the actin and myosin. That means by holding stretches you're more flexible at rest, makes no difference during activity though (crossbridge cycling).
so warming up by dynamic stretching doesn't prevent injury?

and with the static stretching, I don't mean to do that before you workout. I'm talking about after a workout or on it's own with the intent on increasing range of motion (which I do in the form of yoga).
I don't have nearly as many problems with injuries every since I started doing yoga, mostly in my lowerback
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