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Default Re: I Want to Become a Slickster

Originally Posted by viru§™ View Post
Maybe S**** has something that may change a few things, maybe he hasn't, but insulting him before he even gives you anything to look at because of some studies and what you've read isn't the right way to go.
S**** from what I've seen always hints at things without explaining anything, if he's going to make sensational claims then he needs to put up or shut up. He hasn't even come close to attempting to explain anything, he just says this gives this benefit even though what he is saying is not backed up in the slightest by the scientific literature. And it's not just some studies, it's literally hundreds. If someone claims to have the truth and it goes against what every other study says then they don't understand the scientific method at all, that's not an insult but a fact. There are always studies that disagree with other studies (usually explained by their methodology) and that calls for further research, there's no truths or facts coming from one person that can't be replicated. The opposite of what S**** said has been replicated in hundreds of studies by people with a deep understanding of the neuromuscular effects from stretching so for him to say that he's going to turn all of that on it's head sounds like the ramblings of a delusional man to me. I hope he can bring something new and I hope he has some good academics working around him to bring some credibility to what he's saying. I'm highly skeptical for very good reason. I don't believe I've been disrespectful at all, I'm just asking for some brief explanation of the neuromuscular mechanisms he apparently has esoteric knowledge about.
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