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Default Re: Vlad Klitschko vs the following

Originally Posted by Absolutely! View Post
I don't see how a near whitewash against a top contender whom a large segment of the boxing public is giving a good chance to knock out does little for his credibility or legacy. Of course a stoppage would have been better, as a definitive statement of superiority, but I doubt it would have significantly altered people's perception of Wlad as a cautious safety first fighter. Wlad's fought for long enough now that most people have their opinions of him set down in stone. All he can, and should, really do from this point on is continue to win.

Using the term "ex-cruiser" in a derogatory fashion when comparing Wlad's opponents against those of past fighters is very unfair, considering the fact that most cruisers nowadays would be normal sized heavies prior to about 1980 and huge men prior to about 1950. It's a legitimate argument only if you're comparing Wlad to 90s era fighters like Lewis, who mostly fought large men themselves at the top end of the game. But using it to demean him whilst praising the middleweights and former middleweights that make up a large proportion of someone like Louis's resume is a bit of a double standard, no?

I don't really see the logic here. Wlad totally controlled Haye and was only caught maybe three times in total throughout the whole fight, all of which punches he took fine. Bowe was controlled by Golota's jab twice, and you can call him past prime or overtrained or undertrained or whatever, but Golota was still the best big man Bowe ever fought and he failed the test both times. You can point to the Evander fight all you want, but that was one great performance against an ex-cruiser himself and not really relevant to a Wlad matchup IMO. And history has shown that's it's more likely the slob Bowe that turns up to this fight, if we're going to be a bit more realistic about these things.

Ali lacked the punching power to put Wlad into a shell, and enjoyed being the outside boxer himself. Likewise Holmes, though Holmes was a meaner SOB and had a mite more punching power to potentially close the show. Of course I'm not saying they couldn't win; Ali especially had some crazy intangibles to his game and incredible willpower that drove him to feats above and beyond normal men, so I'd never count him out. But I wouldn't count Wlad out either, considering his concentration level and his consistent ability to win rounds. Lennox and Tyson are the two fighters whom I feel confident get to Wlad and stop him, maybe Liston and Foreman as well, though there's a significant handspeed difference to take into account there.

Morrison gets blitzed. There's no way he makes the final bell.
If I knew how to break up quotes this would probably be simpler

In regards to the first point like I said all Wlad should do is try to win, however it does little for his legacy if Wlad is forced to fight such a safety first and timid performance against someone like Haye. Seeing such a performance makes me question what evidence you have to back up the claim that Morrison who has shown to be quite skilled, fast, good head movement, very hard punching similiar to Haye BUT has shown to have heart and ***** would somehow "Get blitzed" and theres "No way he makes the final bell" yet Haye does and did? This is what I'm talking about when it comes to hurting Wlad's legacy. Surely that right there is a double standard.

If you don't like the term "ex cruiser" perhaps I'll say the man who he outweighs by over 30 lbs since that alone is enough for majority on here to dismiss an old time fighters chance against a modern fighter. That's the reality of the situation.

As for the 2nd point it was just what I said before. Men like Bowe, Ali, Holmes etc have heart and grit. These are men, who unlike Haye, will not be contempt with eating jabs all night and fighting simply to survive until the end of the bell then blame their poor performance on a 'broken toe'. These are men who will fighting every minute of every round TO WIN, who will push Wlad out of his comfort zone and not allow him to fight his safety first method. Wlad hasn't fought a man who was willing to push him out of his comfort zone since Sanders. Also say what you will about Bowe in regards to Golota, and make no mistake I believe Bowe to be overrated, but he demonstrated true qualities of a champion something Wlad hasn't really shown beyond being consistent.
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