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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

[quote=Bummy Davis;14525298]
Originally Posted by Seamus View Post
I would gamble my house on the fact that Rahman, Brewster, Sanders and McCall hit harder than Walcott. In fact, of those four, power is the one constant. McCall had the chin, Rahman the jab, Sanders the speed... but power in an era of super heavies (which for all intents and purpose should be a different division) is what they all really possessed... not power against blown-up light heavies with a sprinkling of pituitary cases but power night in and night out against legit modern super heavies.[/quote

a punch is a punch and a puncher can take out any man...I seen Chris handle Tua with ease and also stayed in with Vitali and he was supposed to the little guys with ease but there are other factors and the 190lbers from the 50's could crack

I agree that the size of guys has changed and the 190lbers from the 1950's would now weight 240lbs but never seen Byrd embarrassed like this

Ridiculous. When a fighter drops 35 pounds at nearly 38 to a weight he hasn't fought at for 15 years, that's what happens - their punch resistance goes out the window.
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