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Default Re: I am a boxing manager: if you have questions about the boxing biz, ask!

Originally Posted by dempsey1234 View Post
Persoli is the promoter, right? He is a promoter who is trying to keep boxing alive in Chicago. Promoters to stay in business have to make ends meet and by making the fighter buy his own fights is now getting to be more and more common. Is it fair? No it's not, think what options are available to the fighter? Think if Persoli, went under what would happen to Chicago boxing? Now if Persoli, had sellouts and SRO's then I would get in his face about it.
Bout the capping some trainers dont want to hear stuff, they want their 10%. A fighter, and most trainers will hate this, when a fighter reaches that level, and the 10% becomes 500k, well thats a diffferent story. The trainers cut is then negotiated. Both parties have to be fair to each other. Some trainers and S&C guys now are requiring a contract, which I wouldn't advise my guys to sign.
Pay rate depends on a lot of things, so there really is no set rate but figure a minimum of 5k for an 8rdr and a minimum of 7.5k sometimes as low as 6k.

Yes, pesoli is the promoter. There have been many other promoters such as Bobby Hitz (he is promoting in Indiana now) and quite a few others,but they dont seem to stay in business. A lot of them also have problems dealing with the Illinois commotion.

The biggest money maker fighter in Chicago right now is Andrew Fonfara. Has plenty of support from polish fans, I doubt he is buying his own fight!
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