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Default Re: I am a boxing manager: if you have questions about the boxing biz, ask!

Originally Posted by dempsey1234 View Post
You have to remember this, Boxing is a business, if you are good and producing. In fact you dont have to be good, think about Chavez jr, a while ago he was a joke, Canelo was rocked by a lightweight. In boxing if you have charisma, that will overcome almost everything.
Let me ask you something that will make you see what charisma and good looks can do. Imagine if Oscar DeLa Hoya, looked like Jose Luis Castillo, and Castillo had Oscar's skill, style and power? There wouldn't be a Goldenboy, period. Boxing is alot like showbiz, the fighter has to market himself, you want to get paid then bring something to the table besides your ability.
No you couldn't live the rest of your life on what you would make on 4 HBO appearances. If you are at that level it is better to be on the "A" side, the "B" side usually gets paid less and is considered the opponent.
Dibella gets paid as a promoter, he in turn pays the fighters out of that money. HBO will pay X dollars for a particular fight to the promoter, the promoter, negotiates with fighters and try to keep as much for himself as the fighter, if he is smart will try to get as much as they can, if each just remembers that each have to eat.
No promoter is honest or dishonest, going in, it's after they deal with you that first time will tell them if you are a newbie or someone who knows his ****, then it becomes a case who is going to win the negotiating war.
Overall I would say, US pays higher for the big fights, Germany and England pay more than the going rate if they bring someone in, like from the US.

This is a great point about marketability in fighters. Look at guys like Mickey Ward and Arturo Gatti. They were good fighters but if they were black they would have been lucky to make 1/3 of what they made in there career. If Andre ward was a white Irish men he would make double the money he is making!
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