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Default Re: Should we rate Benny Leonard a little higher?

Originally Posted by DavidChao View Post
Solid list, Manassa. I took particular notice, off topic if you'll beg my pardon, of Ali at 15. Perhaps I have not spent enough time in classic yet, but it frustrates me that many fans, perhaps casuals or quasi casuals, feel the incessant need to rank Ali P4P top 5; to those who give into his self-professed hype of being "The Greatest", I find myself not rustled in the least, as there is no room to take them seriously in the least. Off topic again, I was curious to see where Ray Leonard falls on your rankings.

Oh, and to be on topic, I am not well-schooled yet enough on Leonard to make an educated response.
Ali makes my top 10 and what of it?
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