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Default Re: If you were a boxer.. how would you rather your career go...

I gotta go with option 2. I may be in the minority, but even in my own professional pursuits, I consider fulfillment of purpose and legacy far superior in precedence to financial incentives; to such ends that beyond a very bare minimum amount needed to sustain my wife and I, and my and her parents should they become infirm, I am really quite indifferent to how much I rake in. I speak with the luxuries of being young, having no one else beyond those mentioned to consider, and having had a postgraduate education, though, the latter being inseparable in terms of how I view and process things, as well as that, if at least in the course of boxing history when it comes to many past greats, I consider myself impervious to many of the economic perils our beloved athletes face such as friends hassling me to invest in their "business interests" and legal troubles.

All the same, I feel money is fleeting, useless beyond necessity, and temporary. Fighting with and for a higher purpose, in my eyes, is more fulfilling in terms of the journey and in hindsight of what I have or have not accomplished.

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