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Default Re: Should we rate Benny Leonard a little higher?

Originally Posted by johnmaff36 View Post
Rating Ali as an ATG and a P4P top fighter doesnt necessarily mean a person is a casual or semi-casual fan, nor should it be deserving of your complete dismissal of their boxing knowledge for thinking so. It seems to be the hipster thing to say on these forums this while back and i cant see why i, and many others, should be made to feel guilty for thinking highly of him. Im not saying hes top 5 or even top 10, but he sure as fuk is knocking on the door. I dont want to go on but i could, and be completely reasonable in my argument, but this is a benny leonard thread and maybe its for another place.

I dont really do lists but ive always thought of Leonard and Duran as being interchangable depending on my mood, as 1 and 2 at lightweight, and just inside the top 10 p4p
For sure. Ali is great. I just find it offputting to say so and so is this and that or this great when little research with to make the comparison is done in advance. I am also open about being critical of Ali, especially regarding the Norton bouts.
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