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Default Re: Should we rate Benny Leonard a little higher?

Originally Posted by DavidChao View Post
For sure. Ali is great. I just find it offputting to say so and so is this and that or this great when little research with to make the comparison is done in advance. I am also open about being critical of Ali, especially regarding the Norton bouts.
ive no quarrel with that. Everyone should be open to critcism.

I do have a problem tho with every win he ever had bein classed as a fix/lucky/bought judges/shot opponent/dive like which has been gettin claimed on here

There are few fighters on here who seem to be plucked outta the thin air for ones to vent their spleen over for no apparent reason other than a clear dislike, than Ali here. I mean, theres a few fighters i wouldnt have a great deal of time for but i choose just to not mention them unless the thread is actually about them. Not singling you or anyone else out, just an observation.
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