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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by HOUDINI View Post
Weight divisions are for the lower classes where 5-10 pounds can make a big difference. Hwt division has always been termed "unlimited".

To say that Walcott, Louis, Dempsey, Marciano could not KD or KO Wlad or any big man with a single blow is just plain stupidity. Certainly they could and it would not need to be a freak blow that some posters are implying.

Brewster was a bum and he Koed Wlad. History of boxing is full of small hwts knocking out huge fighters. Louis Koed every big man he ever faced. Where did size ever help anyone who fought Ali? Look at the hwts 170 pound Mickey Walker Koed and Koed early. Look at the hwts Moore Koed.

With punching power its timing, speed and the ability to put your bodyweight behind the blow that really matters. With these skills you can KO any man at any time.
A bum known for his exceptional chin.
Technically he only TKOd Wlad, which means a little bit less than a KO.

Big hws only lose when the naturally lighter fighters are much more skilled.
Joe Louis outweighted 70% of his opponents! He was the big man in the division himself.
So did Lennox Lewis.
Mike Tyson outweighted the majority when he was in his prime, Frazier did, Ali did, Liston did, Foreman did, Wlad does, Vitali does, Bowe did.

And before saying a guy like Tyson always had to fight taller men, lenght doesn't mean ****.
Oscar de la Hoya is rangier, taller, faster, more skilled than David Tua, he still wouldn't survive 1 round.

Also why would someone who can make the cruiser limit and isn't lazy ever go to hw division besides money and fame?
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