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Default Re: I Want to Become a Slickster

Originally Posted by greynotsoold View Post
Again, i mean no disrespect...All these other exercises and drills will, I suppose, aid and abet your ability to box....Let me ask this...
If you went to eddie Futch and said "Eddie, teach me to be slick." And then he showed you yoga stretches, you'd be mad as ****. The skills needed to be "slick" are 1000% independent of any skill that can be learned by jogging, break dancing or yoga.
The question was, originally, how to be slick. The one and only answer to that question is to get into the ring and learn how to fight.You all have gotten onto a tangent that, to me, summarizes all that is wrong with boxing today.
CHECK THIS OUT. You will never be a great fighter until you learn how to fight. That requires a teacher that knows about fighting and can teach you how to learn. No matter how far you run or how much yoga you do or which muscles in your ass you stretch, it won't make you know how to fight. The term slick connotates a cat that knows how to fight. That is knowledge based.
You guys that think that you can deduce boxing to a physical exercise are way the **** off.

Skills are never independent of each other, whatever you do has an effect on your coordination, balance etc.
Of course you need to learn how to fight to be a great fighter but to say that something else that improves your coordination, balance, motor learning ability etc. isn't going to improve your boxing game is quite simply moronic.
Everything has a transfer effect of some sort, something that makes you more aware of your position in space such as yoga is going to help your boxing. It would be impossible for it not to, if your brain has a better map of your body it is going to help you when you're boxing. That's a fact whether you like it or not. A slick fighter is coordinated, can move out of a good position and back into a good position with ease, has finesse and is efficient with their movement. Things that require balance and awareness of the body.
Boxing is both knowledge based and a physical exercise, you only have one brain and it's responsible for everything physical, everything you do to your body sends messages back to your brain and in return the brain adjusts. You improve the connection between your proprioceptors and your brain and more efficient movement is produced.
Everything physical you do is improving your knowledge of movement subconsciously in the cerebellum. The more points of reference you have throughout your body the more coordinated you're going to be, you have a more detailed map so you can make smaller, more precise adjustments. And that will help you become a 'slicker' boxer.
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