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Default Re: Would Matthysse be a difficult fight for Mayweather?

Originally Posted by box4life11 View Post
You say your not a fan but you defend someone that hasent done **** since lightweight..

Hatton was coming of a gift win to two guys soon before Mayweather fought him.

Margarito was shot after PACman then mosley fought him.

Mosley was almost 40 and looked like **** against Ricardo and lost to cotto right before margarito fight.

Please don't let Floyd fool you poor guy.
You need to get your cranium checked. Margarito fought Mosley well before Marg fought Pac. Your hate is blinding you.

In fact, Margarito was coming off his most dominate performance against Cotto. Mosley was a 7-1 dog coming into the fight with Marg. Face the facts, Mosley slaughtered him. If it wasn't for the earthquake in Haiti, Mosley would have exposed berto much sooner.

Either way Floyd fought Mosley, who was coming off one of his most impressive fights of his career.
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