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Default Re: Creatine for boxers. Thoughts?

Originally Posted by Jdsm View Post
That's utter ****ing bull****; I don't think I 'know it all' at all. If I did, I wouldn't spend hours EVERY SINGLE DAY trying to further my knowledge, nor would I of expressed my desire for more science-orientated discussions around here, because NOBODY knows it all in any given area, period.

The only studies I've actually referenced in this thread relate to the water-retentitive effects of creatine...
I apologise, you simply got caught in the cross fire between me withoutwire and dealtwith, your additions to the thread were constructive and taught me somthing new, i agree thats why wer all here. I was on defence because of the trolls and the fact tht all these experts couldnt see the sense in my comments made me very suspicious about a few peoples claims of actually knowing what we're talking about here.
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