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Default Re: Should we rate Benny Leonard a little higher?

Originally Posted by greynotsoold View Post
P4P, Leonard kicks Ali's ass.
Personally, I have him up there with Charles and Ribinson. I've never bothered to sit down and make a list, but if I did it would be those three at top, then Greb. Mine is based on technical skill and mental energy, my criterion.
Robinson's natural power, speed and chin were all probably just as, if not more instrumental to his success as any of his technical skills, however defined. I'd say Ray Leonard (random example) actually had better form, threw the straighter punches and had tighter defense.

Originally Posted by dyna View Post
I have trouble rating ATG HWs with ATGs, the hw division has always been narrow.

You sure as hell don't see a Cleveland Williams who was crippled and had intestines removed getting a title shot in non hw divisions.
Right, you see Alvaro Rojas and Leoncio Ortiz.

Originally Posted by orriray59 View Post
Ali is top 15 at the worst. Any lower than that is weird to me.

He makes my top 10.
What's crazy to me is that Ali actually beat more top ten contenders (at the time he fought them) than Henry Armstrong did. Of course, you've got to account for quality as well but it isn't as if Ali was participating in a **** era. He's got the best resume amongst the heavyweights by a fair distance.
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