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Default Re: Herol graham vs bennie briscoe

Graham was a fair bit stronger than Briscoe, who had great forward momentum but wasn't anything special for strength up close.

ten round non-title Briscoe would fall to his usual decision loss against laterally moving cuties.especially as he'd get tossed around a bit and pushed back when he does get in close and force trading.

Over 15 could be tough to gauge as that would give Briscoe more time to land enough that frustrates Graham into abandoning his mobility and more disciplined punchpicking, for a war.Graham was not the most focused consistent ring-general and could be goaded into more aggressive flat footed fights, or extended exchanges.

By and large i think straight line pressure fighters and brawlers\sluggers that rely on momentum and awklwardness are the kind of fighters Graham could look really effective against.More so the Hamsho's and Vito's though, as a prime Briscoe threw nice punches(especially the jab) and had a lot of power.Still, he's very predictable in rhythm and not quick of foot, i think Bennie is probably more suited to troubling good slow retreat backfoot fighters rather than the dancing, laterally moving, ring-perimeter stick and move oriented sort of outfighter
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