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Default Re: Ricky Burns ''Is a Coward''. The thoughts of two U.S Boxing fans

Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
Said it before. Ricky Burns is a nobody in the big time. They looking down on him from above, he aint getting the opportunity to fight at the level, therefore he will remain right where he is in pedigree and boxing esteem, I'm blunt and cold, but I speak the truth.

They see Ricky Burns as a small time domestic fighter at the moment.

It's hard to argue against it. The facts lie on paper, at this weight, Ricky Burns has not fought high caliber opposition, He hasn't fought at Broner level, he hasnt fought a Vazquez, or Abril.

We know how the yanks are, and they look down on this nobody from "Scotland?"

Scotland? Where's Scotland!?!
Craney again your talking ****,well if there looking down on the Scottish what the **** are they seeing when they look at the English after ricky destroyed your best! xxx
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