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Default Re: Ricky Burns ''Is a Coward''. The thoughts of two U.S Boxing fans

Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
I aint talking ****, your here again to try and balance the washing line. Whenever I say something your all over it, I know your game now Billy lad.

Ricky Burns has fought NOBODY at this weight. You could make an argument for Katsidis I suppose, but its obvious he is on the decline. But before he fought your boy at Lightweight, he had been in there with top opposition. But I fail to see what that actually does for Ricky Burns? It does something for Katsidis, but f*ck all for Ricky.

Ricky aint fought anyone like Marquez or Guerrero. Just look at Katsidis resume. That makes Katsidis a legit fighter, but how does that make Ricky the same?

Ricky NEEDS those fights now....or are you gonna duck that fact like you duck pressing questions? You only answer certain things, and its normally criticism of your fighter. Anything about the **** promotion or matchmaking and its hush hush from the Nelsonator.

IF your man ever gets the Broner fight, thats IF that fight ever happens. You will be humbled billy bongos. Now come here and gis a new year kiss ya big softy!
**** it x
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