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Default Re: How To Train Yourself To Box (In a way)

Originally Posted by Speechless View Post
lol....I think you can expect a lot of sarcastic responses here. It's almost like going to a forum meant for certified auto mechanics and asking for advice on DIY backyard auto projects. With all due respect, there IS a lot to know that you will never get outside a proper gym with proper equipment and coaches. It's understandable that people get a little defensive or "snooty".
Now what are your goals? I think that's not too clear here.
Are you intending to become a legit boxer and/or trainer? or is this just some sort of hobby that you and your friends want to do recreationally and without traditional training/coaching?

To be honest, I think many of us are cautious to even support anything outside of a gym. Look no further than YouTube to see countless examples of idiots either hurting themselves or each other with awful techniques that will probably wind up injuring someone without teaching any useful boxing skills.

Even many of us can attest to seeing bad technique WITH formal coaches and training. It takes a lot of time, repetition and instruction to get it right. The longer you use bad technique, the more natural it becomes and then it is extremely difficult to correct.
I plan on becoming a legit boxer, its something I've been wanting to do for years I had a personal trainer but it was for a short amount of time and he taught me jab, cross, hook and uppercut thats it, I've sparred inside a gym with actual contenders but it was only a few times because I got invited by a friend other than that i've been observing coaches and boxers. honestly I think I may be picking up bad habits but i dont know if they are or arent
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